Workshop Diaries


We were so blessed to do these 2 workshops as Bangalore was just beginning to be in lockdown. Ours was the last such workshop allowed. We had 24 brave ladies who signed on. 
The ladies were in the age group of 25 to 55. 
Before the workshop all the participants were checked with temp guns, the rooms were sanitized as well as the mats and all conducive conditions were provided to the participants.

The workshops started with rooting and grounding and an Intro to KY+ and also Avril got to know a little bit about each lady. 

Then we moved into the Chakra cleansing and energizing and we worked on the INFRADIAN SYSYTEM OF THE FEMALE BODY that is unique only to women. We spent 20 min on each of these 7 key systems  – the Brain, The metabolism, Immune system, reproductive system, the endocrine system, The Microbiome, the stress response system.

We then took a break with organic snacks and beverages with plant milk.

Post that we had a very interactive QnA with the ladies talking about and discussing everything from PMS to mental wellness to relationships to kids and careers. 

The time was well spent from 10.30am to 1.30pm and the happy faces in these pictures say just that.

We have Exciting news for you.

Avrils Qs is now offering ONLINE KUNDALINI+ Courses starting April 2020 along with Energy alignment tips, Mindfulness practices to address the current crisis and relationship and career tips to purposefully move ahead in your life. 



Two workshops were conducted each for 4 hours each. In these 4 hour workshops, the 20 participants learnt the Origins of Kundalini Yoga (KY), the 5 pillars of KY and the meaning of KY. 

As always the class started with ROOTING AND GROUNDING

Then began the Chakra yoga segment of cleansing the chakras using A Mudra, been Aksharas and intention, followed by spinning the chakras to cleanse them.

Then the chakras were activated using Kundalini yoga asanas, mantras and Mudras.

Avril then demonstrated a few key Asanas in each of the 9 systems so the participants could get a sense of the effectiveness of KY. 

The feedback from the KY session was amazing! (Do go through our Google reviews!)

After a 1 hour and 45 min min session we took a break for light refreshments, and moved onto the Energy Alignment session.

Energy alignment session

Avril shed light on HOW energy works in the MIND BODY SOUL dimension and how ENERGY affects each and every cell of our being and why it is vital to balance ourselves energetically. 

She also led the participants in an energy therapy called EFT – EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE. 



Avril Q was invited for the 3rd edition of #fitbengaluru and as usual like the last 2 editions she had a full house11

Her topic was (W)holistic living – the Missing Pieces.

Avril spoke about the usual 5 areas of holistic living, however she added that “True authentic” (W)holistic living and health comprises of 2 of the most important pieces which are ENERGY and BREATH which most holistic practitioners ignore. 

She then went on to give people simple tips on

  • How to use food as medicine

  • What essential oils to use

  • How to meditate for 5 min a day

  • How to use supplements and herbs

  • How to breathe and correct simple ailments without needing allopathy. 

    Come over and here Avril speak at the next #FitBengaluru event! Videos will be uploaded shortly!


Avril Q was delighted to be invited by the OWC as the keynote speaker for the month of February 2020.

The workshop was titled – OWN IT – Tools for transformation for the new age woman. 

There were 25 ladies. A very good turn out!

Avril started with a meditation to center the ladies 

She then went onto telling them her story and transition into the career she has chosen as a Transformation Life Coach , Energy alignment coach and Kundalini Yoga teacher. 

She then gave them tools for Transformation and 5 min strategies to up level their lives daily and explained how these tools work. 

She then did an Interactive QnA and fielded a lot of wonderful questions. The general feedback was that her talk was “surprisingly refreshing and interesting” and had a lot of “valuable advice and tips”. 


We are so happy that the 1st workshop of 2020 was well received. 

The workshop started at 10am with Kundalini beginner and Intermediate training and a special Kriya of 14 poses (asanas)  to balance all 11 bodies. We had newcomers and old students and everyone gave it their best as you can see in the pictures.

After 90 min we took a break of 15 min

We then dived into the COMPASS METHOD, a TM method Avril has developed after studying with great mentors like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr C. Look, Donna Eden, Grandmaster Choa Kok Suis senior Pranic healers to name a few and she developed her unique method called THE COMPASS METHOD, to help her clients steer their lives in the right direction which involves methods like LOA, CHUNKING, TIME BLOCKING AND VISUALIZATION, IMAGINEERING, 5 SEC RULE, ANCHORING and KUNDALINI KRIYAS ETC. 

Avril gave the participants 12 practical strategies to perform daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly to reach their yearly goals. 

In the QnA, Avril addressed concerns and questions from participants. 

Finally, as Avril always does, she offered all participants a 50% discount on the next workshop for their valuable feedback.

It was 4 hours well spent and as you can see from the feedback everyone loved this workshop and we hope to have many many more in 2020. 
Please note – Next workshop dates are 22nd and 23rd February at Koramangala WEWORK and Church Street WEWORK respectively. 



In this 2 hour workshop, we addressed the MIND BODY SOUL connect that is IMPERATIVE to any kind of success for anybody.

We started with “Awareness practices” using the marvelous tool of “Kundalini Yoga” which opened out the participants energy and chakras and so this allowed for them to be more receptive to the information and the other practices in the workshop.

We then spoke of the LAW OF VIBRATION and HOW IT S THE 1ST STEP into “attracting what we desire” using the law of attraction. No one had heard of this and so it was very helpful to them. After that I gave the “toolkit for Manifesting” which included …. 7 habits / behaviors To eliminate from their lives in order for the Law of Attraction” to work for them. 4 practices to include in their early morning routine to accelerate their LOA practice.

“How” to frame an Affirmation “Correctly.”

And we ended with a Demo on “how” our amazing bodies communicate with us using signals for negative and positive emotions. I also demonstrated how the body differentiates between “Truth and Lies”. And how we can ask our body questions and how to interpret the answers.

I also gave away a ACADEMY COURSE VALUED AT 49$ FOR FREE to the participants. AND(Im super excited)

I announced my new MANIFEST MAGIC course in both “Private therapy format” – Individual sessions and Workshop format.(in a group of not more than 12 people) And….. 6 people signed on within 36 hours for MM course. ….NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL “TAKING INSPIRED ACTION.”

Trill the next workshop stay blessed and have an amazing 2020.



The last Kundalini Chakra Yoga series for the year was one of the best classes in 2018. The feedback from the participants about their experience over the past 2 weeks was so encouraging. The one feedback I got was from a millennial who was addicted to cocaine  as well as weed. After he began practicing daily, he stopped both altogether and in his own words he said “I can get and maintain a natural high with Kundalini Yoga”. 

We combined both the upper and lower Chakras kriyas, going back and forth between both planes and I challenged the participants even more with really tough asanas and kriyas and they pleasantly surprised me by performing them with concentration and good technique. They really pushed themselves and since they had been practicing for 2 weeks, they had more stamina, focus and awareness and were much more centered. 

We ended with master poses for each Chakra and then a long meditation focussing primarily on the heart for love and acceptance and then a visualization of each persons intention. 

After the class we had a QnA for 15 min, as we do after each and every class and then the students enjoyed some of my mother’s home made Xmas sweets and cake.

Looking forward to many more workshops and interactions with my students in 2019!


Feedback from the workshop from those who attended

(Names have been masked to protect the privacy of the participants)

“Today’s class was very nice. I can go inside of me and feel the intention for each and everything I do!””

“Emotionally awakening! I cried out of happiness. Extremely grateful. Thank You Avril.”

“I have more love for myself than I have felt in a long time. I am able to trust my body and my ability more through each pose. Thank You so much Avril ma’am!”

“Core strengthening exercises were really tough and good! Felt more relaxed and calm after doing them.”



The “Chakra Yoga Series” workshop kicked off to a good start. We had a full house as usual and everybody was very enthusiastic to learn and grow and “experience” Kundalini Yoga. 

Out of the 18 participants, none had been to a Kundalini class and the challenge I posed to them was to be “open, receive and experience Kundalini energy” and to give honest feedback after the class. 

As is customary in this tradition of Yoga, we “grounded, rooted” and “chanted” and then started to open up the body with a Vinyasa flow.  

Working primarily with the lower chakras is physically very challenging and everyone was very challenged but they rose to the challenge and performed extremely well for first timers. Lots of variations of Kundalini squats, lunges, planks, Yogic Squats, Jumping Jacks with mantras and a few laughs :0

We ended with a healing light meditation and a lot of people felt a blissful catharsis and a few got very emotional as is the result of detoxifying negative emotions and energizing the  chakras and the body and psyche with love and forgiveness. 

Everyone is very excited about the next workshop on the 16th and so am I. The Kundalini Tribe is growing and more power to us!!!



Feedback from the workshop from those who attended

(Names have been masked to protect the privacy of the participants)

“I had a very good experience in the workshop. It was something different from the regular yoga class.”

“It was an absolutely energizing class from the moment I walked in! Avril’s energy is beautiful….”

“I really had a great experience. It gives a positive energy. I would like to do this practice on a daily basis.”

“It’s an amazing detox, one of the best workout/yoga sessions that I have ever come across!”



The 24th Workshop marked the final class of the Kundalini Trilogy 2 series. We had a full house and the class began with a great vibe. Many of the participants had signed on for the whole series which is always recommended so they were familiar with the Rooting and Grounding practice and the “Kundalini Vinyasa flow”.

We moved through the Chakras in sequence, cleansing and aligning them with Deep Squats, Mantras, Mudras and Breath of Fire. It was a challenging class with everyone breaking into a sweat and the participants really pushed themselves and I could see a marked improvement in the practice of the regular participants. This gives me a sense of fulfillment to see their progress and enthusiasm and dedication. 

We started the meditations with “Reverse Adi Shakti Kriya”, a selection of Asanas to balance the Emotional and Physical bodies and bless ourselves with love and compassion. 

We then moved onto the “Kirtan Kriya for 11 minutes to balance all 10 bodies including the left and right brain.

We then sealed the practice with a “Yoga nidra” meditation to attract something they wanted to manifest into their lives.

The participants were really excited about the next Kundalini series on “Chakra Yoga” and left the venue feeling fulfilled, calm and energized. 

Some participants did a 20 Min free consultation with me and decided to work on  customized therapy sessions with me as they feel thy want to enter 2019 with their full potential.



The 17th Workshop on Sexuality and Sensuality, the 2nd in the Kundalini Trilogy 2 series had a good response. Almost an equal number of men and women attended. 
As is mandatory, we started the practice by seeing an Intention for the class and we grounded into the Mother Earth energy with Mantra, Mudra, chanting and breathing. We then started with a 3 round Vinyasa with a Kundalini kriya sequence to detoxify and ground the lower 4 chakras, 2 major and 2 minor chakras and to activate the “panic energies”. We then mentally, physically and emotionally tuned into our Mooladhara and Swatishtana chakras to give us an awareness into what it” feels like” to be “sexual and sensual beings”. Using our hands to touch our bodies without any shame and judgement, we connected energetically to each Chakra and meditated with me, Avril, walking the participants through a visualization for each chakra. We ended with the 6 part MICRO COSMIC ORBIT PRACTICE to “feel and radiate Bliss” in our entire physical and energetic bodies. As is the Kundalini practice dictum, we ended with a meditation. This time it was a guided meditation to ground and fire up and balance all our major and 2 minor chakras. We also connected the Pranic and Panic energies. 
The feedback was awesome and for this I am truly grateful as it is my Life purpose to guide people to a life of fulfillment and true happiness.  


Feedback from the workshop from those who attended

(Names have been masked to protect the privacy of the participants)

“I had a lot of good energy that I felt moving through my chakras and the toxins rushing outside which had no place in me anymore.”

“It was a first for me. I got tired and even pushed myself. I was on the verge of giving up but I didn’t. At the end I felt calm, relaxed. Felt the chakras and points. Loved it overall!”

“It was wonderful. Never realized I have so much strength in me. I would love to see workshops like this in the future. I feel great about Avril.”

“It was a good class. Felt the energy this time. Looking forward to more classes. ”



The first class of the Kundalini Trilogy Series 2 started with “Youth and Vitality” as the focus! The 12 participants were very enthusiastic and received the class with openness and great energy! 10 were new to Kundalini yoga and so as usual I always run the class through the Pillars of Kundalini and the basics. We started with opening out the lower 3 minor and major chakras and detoxifying the lymphatic system and endocrine system so that we could have open and clean vessels for the practice. We did “Kundalini vinyasa” and then started the Kriyas for youth and vitality! Participants found the practice challenging and invigorating! We ended with a system I created that I call “senses visualisation” to make visualisations 100 times more effective! We also did a shavasana and of course we had lots of chanting which the participants always love! Looking forward to the next workshop on the 17th!



Feedback from the workshop from those who attended

(Names have been masked to protect the privacy of the participants)

“The energy, the aura around the place was really incredible! It gave a completely new feeling of freshness!”

“This was the first Kundalini Yoga class for me. I got a good chance to connect and feel my own body & mind & energy.”

“It was very blissful and very new method! Really liked the methodology of Avril”

“I loved Avril’s teaching today, the way she pushes one to reach their fullest potential! I feel a lot of positive vibes after today’s session.”

“Your sessions are a source of positive energy. Thank you for making us aware of and to love our own mind and body”

“Made me feel calm and peaceful. I could feel the energy moving and clearing up my blocks!”



There were 12 participants for the Kundalini Yoga for Financial Abundance workshop at Tryst Studios, an open air beautiful space.

Within 5 minutes of starting the class, participants said they felt a surge of energy and a calmness at the same time. 

We first rooted our lower chakras and then detoxed the major glands in the endocrine system for optimum benefit from the subsequent kriyas, mudras and meditation.  We performed a rigorous preparatory physical practice to move energy and eliminate toxic energy from all “10 bodies”. We then started the 45 minute Kriyas and meditation for Financial Abundance. 

Finally we ended the practice with “imagineering” a process of shavasana, visualization and intuition sharpening. 

The participants loved the class and felt rejuvenated. We had a good interactive session at the end of the class. Do read what they had to say about the workshop in the feedback section below!

Looking forward to the next Kundalini Trilogy series in November!


Feedback on the Workshop from those who attended

(Names have been masked to protect the privacy of the participants)

“Thank you, felt a river flowing in me. Teachers make you flow and not stagnate.”

“Feeling more positive. Ease in breathing (no wheezing problem) Looking forward to workshop on metabolism”

“Excellent and relaxing!”


“I felt happy and lighter!”

“Like the last 2 workshops, this workshop was insightful. Had a great experience. Thank you Avril!”

“Very good! First of such experience. Feeling lighter!”

“Very uplifting. I want to be consistent in it!”

“Excellent! I am experiencing the energy flow!”



In the last of the Kundalini trilogy workshops held on the 18th of August at WEWORK, Koramangala, the participants really stepped up their game on the Yoga mats and very courageously dived into what I would call – an Intermediary Level 2 class. We engaged in a lot of Vinyaysa flows with tough Kundalini Frog Kriyas and Malasana dynamic squats with lot of chanting. All the ladies were sweating out toxic energy and melting away unwanted fat. We focused on clearing the lower 3 chakras to allow Money Energy to flow in and we even focused a bit on the heart to start healing and let go of “Self Blame” and other unwanted negative thought processes.  

We then did Kundalini Kriyas to get our brain hemispheres to work in harmony and ended with a “Joining Heaven and Earth” Meditation to align our Spiritaul Energy and Grounding Energy.

Can’t wait for the next series in October!!!


Feedback on the Workshop from those who attended

(Names have been masked to protect the privacy of the participants)

“It was a great experience to learn about chakras and detoxifying.”

“I feel energized and positive! Always feel like coming back for more of it!”

“Very energetic and peaceful! Feeling so loved and free! Thank you so much.”

“I feel great and energized! Thank you Avril!”

“Refreshing! Thanks for the wonderful experience!”

“It was a great experience like the previous workshops. Looking forward to more!”



The Kundalini Metabolism workshop saw 15 participants who were eager and enthusiastic. The workshop participants were all women….so it was a lot of powerful Female “shakti” at the venue and the vibrations of the Mantras, Mudras and kriyas was invigorating to all of us! The Kriyas were challenging, however the ladies pushed themselves through it and the feedback after the workshop was A+. I am so happy to be of benefit to so many people and especially to all my sisterhood. 



Feedback on the Workshop from those who attended

(Names have been masked to protect the privacy of the participants)

“It was beautiful! Regular practice I believe is definitely going to bring inner peace.”

“Every day gets better. Avril Ma’am is an excellent teacher”

“Super light, super energetic! Gratitude in abundance Avril!”

“This was a great experience. Will definitely be interested in future workshops.”

“It was knowledgeable, new form of relaxation.”

“Good experience, learnt different chakras and energy of body”



The 1st Workshop in the Kundalini Trilogy workshops started off with a bang. We had all female participants. A few of them had come to another workshop I did at Tryst Studios and signed up for all 3 in the trilogy series.

We worked specifically on 4 different systems of the body and modifications were offered as we had a few ladies with physical limitations. We had a beautiful 6 minute chanting session and a blissful meditation at the end. 

I also did private consultations with no charge as my way of giving back to these wonderful ladies and I hope to work with some of them through customized sessions for their healing and well being. 

Here are a few glimpses from the workshop and a look at what some of my amazing workshop attendees had to say about their experience!

Love and light



Feedback on the Workshop from those who attended

(Names have been masked to protect the privacy of the participants)

“Before the workshop I was feeling tired, exhausted, depressed and sleepy. After the workshop, I am not feeling much depressed and the exhaustion, lethargy has gone.”

“I am glad I attended this session. Highly energizing. Got in touch with my inner self. Avril is pleasant, the ambience positive. I could attract much positive and pleasant energy from her voice itself.”

“Feeling lighter. At some points I felt the energy move up and down from heart to other chakras.”

“I could feel the flow of energy all over my body.”

YOGA WITH BRUNCH – 21 JULY, [email protected], KORAMANGALA

On Saturday 21st July, Avrils Qs in collaboration with Mimansa at Foxtrot hosted a Yoga Brunch event – BEND, BREATHE, BRUNCH. The objective of the brunch was well – WELLNESS – combining the invigorating practice of Kundalini Yoga, conducted by me (Avril Q) followed by a light, hearty organic brunch cooked in the Mimansa kitchen.

We had a vibrant group of women and men and even though they had never done Kundalini Yoga before, they dived right in with fervor and excitement and picked up the Asanas and Mudras very well. They asked intelligent questions and expressed an interest to be on my mailing list so they could come to my other Kundalini Yoga workshops in August. Some of them were interested in pursuing customized therapy with me.

After the class we enjoyed a healthy and delicious brunch with organic and vegan food and chatted as a group for quite a long time. They were eager to hear about my experience with Kundalini and they shared their experience of the class with each other. I really felt like I made a difference in their lives and of course, I made new friends. 

I will keep you posted on when I will be conducting the next Yoga Brunch.  A big thank you to everyone who attended – I loved your energy and enthusiasm! And also thank you to the lovely people at Mimansa for the amazing feast!

Love and light




Avril Q conducted a 2 hour workshop encompassing the essential elements of Kundalini Yoga on Saturday 7 July in the relaxing environs of WeWork, Kormangala. 

The workshop focused on the various systems in the body and Kundalini Yoga asanas using breath and meditation that focused on these systems. The session ended with a QnA with Avril and coffee, courtesy WeWork! 

Here are glimpses from the workshop (Can you spot the furry yoga aspirant?!)  and feedback from some of the participants!


Feedback on the Workshop from those who attended

(Names have been masked to protect privacy of the participants)


“It was a new experience for me. I think I will be able to love myself better after this.”

“The workshop helped me align my energies….it had gone astray. I feel lighter and more energized.”

“Felt vivacious and energetic after a long time! Lots of learning and Avril is a wonderful teacher.”

“I had never been to a yoga class. This was really refreshing and I felt relaxed.”