Written Gratitude

Private Therapy

Testimonial 1:

Before I met Avril, I was exposed to a variety of self improvement and spiritual techniques. Yet I was unable to figure out what’s right for me and how to approach my life. It was after I decided to take sessions with Avril I started getting directions in every aspect of my life. She guided me genuinely with her invaluable knowledge she has gathered over the years. I like her apt, straight and gentle approach to me.
PriyaShree – Stock Market Analyst, Age 42

Testimonial 2:

Avril has always helped me remind myself that it’s possible to get whatever we want from life
Rita – Business woman, Age 56

Testimonial 3:

Having hit some restlessness and bad health, I reached out to Avril Q Kundalini yoga session at WeWork, Koramanagala. After the yoga session, there was a free consultation session which led me to sign up for her 6 sessions and 3 month journey into my life. We had 2 face to face sessions and the rest were on Skype, no less effective. Under her guidance we spoke in detail about childhood, school, family and mre and other energy blocks that were holding me down for a very long time. I was able to open up and speak my heart out to her which led to amazing insights and quick breakthroughs. Her technique EFT and writing notes helped me to emotionally connect with myself in a unique way. I opened up life as a flower and felt sustainable positivity. She shared methods that are new and effective and can be used anywhere in the busy world/ A sense of gratitude and love came back with a vigor that made me move forward with confidence and set goals. Thank you Avril.
Tanya – Real estate Professional. Age 35

Testimonial 4:

I am fortunate enough to get guidance from Avril Quadros. She identified all root causes of my life situations at the cellular level and gave me powerful yet easy techniques to adopt on a regular basis. I was completely unaware that I was operating life through fear that had a daunting effect in relationships, financial and confidence areas. It was her unique self love tools that brought positive shifts in my life. There was a tremendous improvement in my relationship with my son and mother. With deepest gratitude, I thank Avril for making a big difference to my life.
Soumya – Actor. Age 26

Testimonial 5:

I was suffering from a lot of insecurities and was not confident in whatever I did I really needed help. Then I came across Avril. I am glad that I met her. A one on one session she spoke to me and understood the root cause of my problem and suggested that I take up a few classes. Initially I was sceptical about the course/classes but I took it up just after two classes and I felt a lot better. I could sleep better and I could deal with my insecurities.
Swathika – Cinematographer. Age 28

QundaliniPlus Workshop

Testimonial 1:

The word compass method attracted me to attend class. Avril guides like a compass with her practical suggestions and methods, which helps to get clarity about life.

Testimonial 2:

The session was really good. Happy to have learnt deeper about the chakras and Kundalini yoga. Thank you and looking forward to more such workshops.
Hetal Pandya

Testimonial 3:

Kundalini Yoga – it was a blissful session. Loved the detailed explanation of the Chakras and energies. The workshop was informative and much needed for an hour for me. Feels energetic. Looking forward to the next workshop.
Naveen Reddy

Testimonial 4:

Hello Beautiful Avril,
I have loved all your courses till now. Love your style and the method of coaching. Your attitude towards life is too straight forward, that’s the most amazing teaching.
Regarding the course, the Chakra energising technique is easy and very precise.. Only the compass of life method which you teach I need to go deeper into it. However the strength I am having is your coaching towards everything. 

Testimonial 5:

Chakra Yoga taught by Avril is a very comprehensive and power packed way of attaining alignment and energetic balance between mind, body and soul.
Chakra yoga and the compass method is a very powerful structured course, which is a true embodiment of yogic wisdom, upholding the power of manifesting the desired results. Align Attract and Achieve is the Mantra…
Gratitude Avril.

Testimonial 6:

Everytime I meet Avril, I will have a lot of takeaways from Avril. In the recent workshop, Avril helped me to lay ground for a new and remarkable new year 2020 !! Pointers on what not to do to have the law of attraction working was amazing !! Thank you very much. Lots of lights to Avril.

Testimonial 7:

Hi Avril, Vinutha had spoken so much about you and your classes, that I readily agreed to experience it, I really liked everything in the two plus hours that we got from you. Wanting to do more courses with you henceforth. Thanks a lot for coming into my space.

Testimonial 8:

The anahata meditation is amazing, after the meds feel so much brightened up.. Feeling is very light , the sparkles that I received are very very beautiful .. never felt is so good.. I could receive  and feel the beautiful experience is only because of you. YOU ARE AN AMAZING BEAUTIFUL GUIDE TO ENLIGHTENMENT .. You guide me through the path abundantly .. I will share a very incident on Saturday I left for Gujarat and came back this morning and had the house staff problem (as usual what we experience in a Indian style lifestyle) I was about to call a person to send me a helper and within the spark of a moment my doorbell rings and one helper was brought home by a one known person. I Was so surprised and was just thankful for the affirmation which was sent to the universe just as a thought came so fast.. It’s with all your guidance Avril got this path of confidence.. Love you my darling avril .. always feel connected to you..

Testimonial 9:

It was a very helpful session mainly because what Avril spoke about were not bookish theories but were rooted in real life experience. One could relate to what she was saying because she made it accessible and laced it with a lot of humour and compassion. 

Testimonial 10:

Avrils workshop, It was wonderful energising and had a lot of useful information that we could take back and start applying immediately in our lives 

Testimonial 11:

Avril’s Workshop, It was a very good experience and an introduction to Kundalini yoga.. I would also like to say it has been one of the best workshops I have ever been as a Yoga practitioner for 10 years. Also Avril, you are an amazing instructor. I would love to come back and know more. Thank you very much for the wonderful session.


Testimonial 12:

The session was wonderful as usual as I am Avril’s old student. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt new things and I look forward to the Kundalini + classes and more workshops like this.

Testimonial 13:

I believe the course had structure and there was a nice coverage of practical and theoretical concepts. Overall, two big plus were the acceptance of Kundalini Yoga as a genuine practice which can manifest desired results. It was well worth the investment and I believe Avril to be a genuine and capable teacher.