Hello my precious Person and welcome back to the Avrils Qs blog. We have been talking about so many things over the last 3 weeks and I mentioned at the start of this year that the Wy you can make a difference this year to catapult your life is
Step 1 – Watch the videos regularly and you can do this by subscribing to Avrils Qs and keeping your notifications ON so you will be intimated every time i post a new video.
Step 2 – This is the part that will actually change your life. What is it? It is called ACTION…I did a video on this earlier this year on HOW to use these videos CORRECTLY, so please watch it.
You may counter me with a question like – I’m watching the videos and I am feeding my subconscious mind with positive information so I need time to soak it all up. So you can start the Mindfulness Training session with us.
Fair enough…BUT let me give you an analogy. Wet a dry sponge with water till it can’t hold anymore and is almost dripping with water. Then don’t do anything with that sponge except leave it undisturbed for a while. You will notice that as time goes by the sponge starts loosing water and after some time it becomes bone dry again. The same thing happens with any information, positive or negative. If you just store the information in your mind and don’t put it to use by taking action on what you have learned then you are like a sponge that soaks up water but dries out again with time because the information dries out in your mind as it is not re inference with action. You have definitely heard of the saying – Action speaks louder than words.
Because just knowing things is not enough.

So how can you take action to improve your life and align on all 3 levels of Mind, body and spirit? Of course, you can make the list of steps you need to take and/or ideas that come to you after you watch these short videos and then you must actually ACT on those steps AND ACT on the information provided by my videos and you can do this in a couple of ways
1. Find a coach and work on what you need to work on to propel your life in the direction you want. Do your research well and find a coach who really knows what he/she is are doing before you let that coach tell you what it is you need to do.
2. Call me and work with me because you have already been watching my videos and you know that I know what I’m talking about. I already have helped so many clients through private personal 1 to 1 session to tackle issues that need resolving, heal past trauma, overcome limiting beliefs, open them up to new relationships, job opportunities, biz opportunities among other things and even eliminate illnesses as everything starts in the mind and manifests in the physical body.
I also work through online life coaching with groups of people especially with things like LOA and group tapping to overcome mental blocks etc. I also do Kundalini yoga workshops which are quite miraculous as they retire your endocrine system and even your brain.
So call me or text me and let’s see how you and I can propel you to live your best life for your highest purpose in 2018.

So, you know my mantra by now and I’m hoping you’re saying it everydAY – I’MPossible! Because you are together we can turn around the impossible to possible

So much healing light going out from my heart to yours…receive it with gratitude and keep it in your heart and spread this love to others who need it.
Till the next Blog!!