You know, after studying with Bob Proctor who in my estimation is the greatest living master of Self development, I have come to believe that TALK S REALLY CHEAPas the saying goes and ACTION IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL make your dreams come true.

There is a critical difference between successful and not successful people
Successful people take action. When they get an idea, they move on it right away—they act.

This also instills decisiveness. The power of making a decision to ACT could save your life, could get your business moving, could mend your relationship, could take you closer to your goal…..
Sometimes it costs a person to take action—sometimes it is the wrong action—but a successful person always acts!

I never used to act on an idea and then it just went away and i wasted many many years of my life with these pie in the sky dreams and desires but never ever acted on them for a host of reasons.

After reading TnGR, my life took a 360 d turn
And I now take Action because Napoleon Hill says that is the ONLY way to make it happen ad his study of 25 multi millionaires proves it.
Henry Ford said that, Carnegie said that. Alexander Graham Bell said that. I can go on and
on and on and on with examples. All the great authors, all the great successful
people have said that the difference between success and the unsuccessful is that successful people take action.
Now, I want you to spend a few minutes thinking about that. And I want you to ask
yourself: “What have I been putting off?” Then act on it, right now, today.

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So, You know my mantra is I’MPossible!

Sending out so much love to you so catch it and put it in your heart and shine bright!!!