RECOVER AND RESET in just 60 min/day – Emerge Victorious from Victimhood.

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Start to Rebalance and Heal your LIFE in “just” 72 hours!

3 TOPICS AND 3 SECRETS revealed in this 60 min a day 3 day challenge for women.

  1. How to frame an Affirmation correctly.
  2. How the 2 different kinds of gratitude MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your manifestation.
  3. How to think on your feet. 
  4. How to dismantle old beliefs consciously.  
  5. SECRET 1
  6. QnA (15min)
  7. Free PDFs Downloads to keep you accountable for 2020. 
  1. A Kundalini Yoga Introduction (5-8 Min) 
  2. Kundalini Kriya for Balancing the 10 bodies (40 minutes) 

Detoxification of stagnant and stale energy in the gross and subtle bodies and then energizing the 10 bodies to bring harmony and radiance to the 9 main body systems which results in an overall feeling of joy, energy and wellbeing.

  1. SECRET 2
  2. QnA (15min)
  3. Free Video Download 
  1. Understanding the Divine being that you are by navigating the energy centers or “chakras” of the body using breath, sound and intention using Kundalini Kriyas and Kundalini Meditation.
  2. A Sister’s Sharing session (15 min)
  3. SECRET 3
  4. QnA (15min)
  5. Free Audio download. 

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    Written gratitude



    Mrs. Rabindra


    Dear sister, I know this 72 hour journey will benefit you. This is a “new lease” of life after all that you have been through in your life and in the last 3 months with this pandemic. We all need “A healing” so this is my gift to you so see you in the group and here is me toasting with a Turmeric latte to your wellbeing.

    Benefits after 72 hours:

    1. You will strengthen your Intention with focussed Affirmations.

    2. You will understand and reduce Self sabotage.

    3. You will understand and start to clear up old patterns and beliefs that are non serving.

    4. Go-To meditations and Kundalini Kriyas for overall health and wellbeing even if you are a beginner.

    5. You will start to develop a stronger connection with your Inner being and your soul.

    6. 10 min Meditations become interesting and easier to practice.

    7. You will have an overall Understanding of all the different areas of your life.

    8. You will have more acceptance instead of denial about what you need help with.

    9. You will gain a new perspective on how blessed you are and how to invite in more blessing.

    10. You will have a much deeper self love and self acceptance.