Date: 14th August 2021


  • Are you stressed, overwhelmed, and irritable?
  • Do you have negative beliefs about yourself and others?
  • Do you have fears and/or Phobias?
  • Do you hate your body?
  • Low body image and Low confidence?
  • How do you feel about your career and your relationships?

In this 2 hours LIVE masterclass I am going to talk about these 5 areas which include negative beliefs, old patterns, bad habits, and past conditioning that hold more than 97% of women back from living their BEST LIFE.

In my women empowerment program – SHAKTI – RISE UP AND UNLEASH THE GODDESS WITHIN, I address the 12 key areas of any woman’s life that she must take control of. I train women in these 12 areas for 12 weeks using my TM method which comprises 4 distinct protocols.

In this Master Class, I will be addressing the 5 most common areas that women have problems in and together we will start to break down these problems in this webinar and I will give you a 30-day roadmap to freedom and happiness with tools and step by step action plans that you can implement the moment you finish this masterclass.

I will also address all your questions on this masterclass and you get my brand new book bestseller on Amazon as a gift just for attending this masterclass with me.

So, click this button and register now for just Rs. 299/- which is a massive discount of 95% on the actual price of ……Rs. 5,999/-

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BENEFITS – After this Masterclass

  • You will be centered, grounded, and able to handle stress and release it with the simple tools I have given you.
  • You will emerge more confident and self-assured in your career and personal life.
  • You will understand Old negative past programming and with this understanding, you can choose what to do next to eliminate these negative programs.
  • You will have more confidence to speak up and ask for what you want in your career and your relationships.
  • You will begin to own your sensuality respectfully and re-ignite passion and desire into your life which is very important for you.


Avril Q is one of India’s best-known Mindfulness and Mindset trainers, An Energy and metamorphosis coach, and is the founder of the wellness company “Avrils’ Qs’ “.

She has a diverse background in modalities ranging from Kundalini Yoga to Chakra and Naadi therapy (energy centers and meridians), having studied Buddhist Philosophy of mindfulness and compassion with great Masters like His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, The LAW OF ATTRACTION with Bob Proctor from the movie THE SECRET and being an internationally certified “happiness and mindset coach, she brings to the table the concepts of Mindfulness and Mindset from this a wisdom perspective and marries it with the Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence principles expounded in the West by the likes of Jon Kabat -Zin and Dr. Daniel Goleman.

She is a certified Mindfulness and Mindset trainer with the “Mindful science center” in Mumbai in association with the “Awakened Mind” in Australia, She is a trained Kundalini Yoga teacher and a certified Energy practitioner, having been vetted by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui Himself (The founder of “Pranic healing therapy”)

She is also the founder of the QUNDALINIPLUS METHOD where she combines 4 main protocols/modalities, in a customized way to help each person who seeks her help. 

Avril is an Empath, who works primarily with a person’s energy to align the MIND BODY SOUL parts of a person to help them live a life of meaning, success, and purpose

She has helped thousands of people through her QP workshops, corporate programs, online videos, and Private customized therapy. 

Her background in Showbiz for 25 years was vital to her metamorphosis as a trainer/healer/coach. She has actually put these modalities into practice on herself 1st before helping others because as she says “I can’t teach something I don’t understand and haven’t practiced. That is inauthentic and I AM AUTHENTIC.”
“In showbiz, I reached breaking point so many times, but my inner being, my higher self always guided me to a better path because my purpose is to EMPOWER PEOPLE”, so HERE I AM NOW”.

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Take a look at what these precious women have to say about Avril Q

It was Avril’s unique tools that brought positive shifts in my life. There was a tremendous improvement in my relationship with my son and mother. With deepest gratitude, I thank Avril for making a big difference to my life.

Soumya , Actor. Age 26

Initially I was sceptical about the course/classes, but I took it up and just after two classes I felt a lot better.
I could sleep better, and I could deal with my insecurities.

Swathika , Cinematographer. Age 28

The word compass method attracted me to attend class. Avril guides like a compass with her practical suggestions and methods, which helps to get clarity about life.


Before I met Avril, I was exposed to a variety of self-improvement and spiritual techniques.
It was after I decided to take sessions with Avril, I started getting directions in every aspect of my life.
She guided me genuinely with her invaluable knowledge she has gathered over the years.

PriyaShree , Stock Market Analyst. Age 42

Avril’s techniques helped me to emotionally connect with myself in a unique way. I opened life as a flower and felt sustainable positivity.
She shared methods that are new and effective and can be used anywhere in the busy world.
A sense of gratitude and love came back with a vigor that made me move forward with confidence and set goals.
Thank you, Avril.

Tanya , Real estate Professional. Age 35

Hello everyone. I am Suja, I attended Avril’s Shakti masterclass held on 24/07/2021. It was such an informative and helpful masterclass, I have known Avril since few weeks and have been taking personal sessions with Avril. The knowledge she has about the content is so helpful. Being a working woman, How to have balance in your personal and professional life, was beautifully explained by Avril. Avril is such a lovable person, ever ready to help others and give solution to the problems. Her teachings in the class has helped to find answers to my questions. This being my first masterclass with Avril. I was empowered by her teachings. I started implementing the suggestion given by Avril and could immediately see the difference in my life. I am so glad I attended. Thank you Avril, God bless you with more heights of success. I would also like to thank Mr. Priyank who shared his thoughts. So, if you are stressed with questions and No answers, looking for a mentor? I would highly recommend you to join Avril’s masterclass.

Suja John
Be empowered with Avril Q

My first book is published and is trending on Amazon!!

We are all afraid….of something or someone….

What are you scared of? What makes you afraid? Do you always have a “base set point” of a low-grade fear that impairs some area of your life or many areas of your life?

And did you know that we are all born with 2 kinds of primal fear? These fears are wired into our brains, These 2 fears are the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. 

All other fears are “learnt” by us, we are conditioned from the time we are born and we learn by repetition from our caregivers and so we learn and absorb their fears too or we absorb fear from our experiences. 

As a trained therapist, Mindset, and Mindfulness coach I have a wealth of experience with fear, drawing from my case studies with my coaching clients, from my training with my own mentors, and my own fears and complexes. 

In this book, 5 of my private coaching clients share their stories with you. And I share my top 2 fears with you.

Moreover, this book is going to reveal to you how you can “make friends with fear”. It will help you to identify your fears by analyzing aspects like What is fear, Why do you have certain fears, even irrational fears that don’t make sense even to you, what and who are your triggers for your fears? and finally WHY fear is good for you! and HOW you can leverage it in your favor. 



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AQ  – Mission statement 

“Our basic essence and the raw material are ENERGY, so it makes perfect sense to mould and align that energy to get the best life possible for ourselves” 

— Avril Q

The tagline of her co. is ALIGN.ATTRACT.ACHIEVE. 

Avrils’ purpose statement : 

“I always want to make people feel their greatness through Mindfulness, share it with others with compassion, and live their greatness with purpose”. 

She has been on the cover and the cover of WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR magazine in May 2021 and has been featured in FEMINA in 2020 for her Women empowerment program – SHAKTI – Rise up and Unleash the goddess within! 

She works with the best and biggest corporates in India and abroad with her corporate flagships programs – MIND YOUR BUSINESS ( A mindfulness prog for productivity, happiness, and profits), SHAKTI (Women empowerment program), and HEAL YOUR LIFE ( A covid centric wellness program)

Click this button and register now for just Rs. 299/- which is a massive discount of 95% on the actual price of ……Rs. 5,999/-

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