Women Empowerment Coach,  presents: “Shakti”

“Shakti” – “Unleash the Goddess within”

Your 90-day immersion TO FREEDOM….“freedom” to turn up your divine light, activate your dreams and passions, and live on PURPOSE.

Can you identify with these Imbalances ?

  1. You feel drained and tired
  2. You always doubt yourself on some level
  3. You put yourself last
  4. You have lost your sensuality
  5. You don’t feel worthy
  6. You can never ask for what you want
  7. You always have little or no bank balance
  8. You either spend impulsively or penny pinch notoriously
  9. You trust others more than yourself
  10. You don’t dare to dream anymore
  11. You believe that sacrificing your happiness and wellbeing for your family and/or partner is the right thing to do
  12. You can never let yourself go and be spontaneous
  13. You have little connection or no connection with your Higher self and your Intuition
  14. You give your power away because of fear or to please others

As an Indian woman from a conservative background, I can honestly say that I suffered from all of the above complexes and issues. I suffered silently for years and I went through a roller-coaster of a childhood having experienced almost every single complex, bullying and sexual abuse.

We, as young girls have always been ingrained with these limited beliefs that have been subconsciously and methodically fed to us from the time we are toddlers and systematically strengthened by society. So when we grow up to be young women we “walk into walls” of prejudice, self-esteem, self-sacrifice, Self judgement, accepting others opinions, and the rest. We then “settle” for what “we get” and “feel lucky” to just be acknowledged once in a blue moon.

Month 1 – SHAKTI – The divine Unfolding

Think about it for 5 minutes. Deep down inside you know “your real power” or “your undeniable strength”.

Why not? I have helped 100s of clients in the last 5 years personally after having trained in yogic traditions, Tibetan mind training practices, female spirituality and healing modalities I want to go reach more people than ever before and so, I am launching my 1st ONLINE offering for WOMEN, in 2020, one of my many curated online courses with THIS ONE dedicated to you, dear sister.


As a woman I know how we take a backseat and let the world around us “steal our thunder”.
This course is about discovering “SHAKTI” – your divine strength coming from light, activating your dreams and passions , and living on PURPOSE and with freedom to root deep and grow tall and flourish abundantly. This is the beginning of your life….

So, I have identified 12 areas that “women are either empowered in OR not”.
They are :

  1. Negative past programming from childhood based on society expectations
  2. (Lack of)Self-acceptance
  3. (Lack of)Self-worthiness
  4. (Lack of)Self-trust
  5. Adrenal fatigue
  6. Dimming her Sensuality
  7. Loss of Connection with partner/spouse – Romantic relationships
  8. No connection with her Spiritual self
  9. No clear Purpose in life or hiding it
  10. The need for Validation from the outside world
  11. Misuse of communication in her Community and career
  12. Suffering from Imposter syndrome

These 12 areas are vital because they are based on:

  1. “Based” on scientific research and “backed” by scientific research
  2. I have seen some OR all of these imbalances in these 12 areas in “all my female clients” and “myself” too
  3. I have studied with my own mentors in great depth on these 12 areas

Month 2 – SHAKTI – The Divine metamorphosis.

At the end of 90 days YOU WILL….
You will OWN it!!

You will be FREE. free to unleash your inner Goddess –

  1. Discover that divine potential within you by becoming “more aware” of your essence ( the real You),
  2. Discover your uniqueness ( your gifts and talents),
  3. Own your sensuality ( re discover your body and hormones and how to balance it out for radiance and sensuality),
  4. Step into an empowered YOU ( you will not need validation from anyone)
  5. You will bask in your physical beauty (discover your best physical features and assets and amp them up)
  6. And most of all, you will fall utterly and deeply in love with everything about yourself. SUPER SELF CONFIDENCE.

This translates into:

  1. You will be free from the shackles that have bound you in all areas of your life
  2. You will be centered, grounded and able to handle stress and release it with the tools I have given you
  3. You will emerge super confident and self – assured in your career and personal life
  4. Old negative past programming will be gone
  5. You will have the confidence to speak up and ask for what you want
  6. You will own your sensuality respectfully and re – ignite passion and desire into your love life
  7. You will form a deep connection with the goddess within you and allow her to be your guide and compass. In other words you will be free from IMPOSTER SYNDROME

Wish to Pay in EMI ? Pay in 2 Installments for 2 Months of Rs. 8999, Click Here


In India “Shakti” – Meaning sacred force, power or energy, it represents the concept or personification of the divine feminine aspect, sometimes referred to as ‘The Divine Mother’. Shakti represents the active, dynamic principles of feminine power. Shakti is the personification of the Energy that is creative, sustaining, as well as destructive, sometimes referred to as “The Great Divine Mother” in Hinduism.

And this is depicted by the pantheon of Indian goddesses ranging from Kali ( Kali is the Hindu goddess (or Devi) of death, time, and doomsday and is often associated with sexuality and violence but is also considered a strong mother-figure and symbolic of motherly-love.)

to Durga ( Durga, also called Divine Shakti, protects mankind from evil and misery by destroying evil forces (negative energy and vices—arrogance, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, greed and selfishness)

to Saraswathi ( is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning )

Just to name a few.

Month 3 – SHAKTI – Unleash the goddess within.

However, if you don’t know “how” to harness this divine power within you that lies untapped and dormant, you live a listless life and end up burnt out, bitter, frustrated, sad and devoid of all Joy and beauty!

Is this the life you “are Living”??
Where is that magnificent life “you dreamed about” as a young girl?

That “magnificent life” you dreamed about as a young girl is available to you right now!
It can be all yours by diving deep and discovering and honing YOUR SHAKTI!
Shakti is divine power, intense strength rooted in wisdom and dynamic sensuality all co existing in divine harmony.
So, are you ready to shift your consciousness from limitation and lack to Worthiness and self-belief in just 90 days?

Before we go further and I tell you why this is the course for you please check out these TESTIMONIALS from people I have served before.

As you can see, my 3 Core strengths are

  1. My BELIEF to each client. I value You as much as I value myself and I see myself in each of my clients. Your failure is my failure too and I will not allow you to fail on my watch
  2. I CREATE courses for people which allow you and me to go on a journey of healing and empowerment for both of us and is an honor I take seriously. I believe that one person benefitted by me can benefit the world and cause a chain reaction
  3. I have the duty to EMPOWER you as my client. To do what is for your highest good

So, are you ready to shift your Energy and take back your power which is your divine Shakti?
And, finally to unfold into the divine, strong, sensual, abundant epitome of female power that YOU ARE!

Did I hear a YES????

Wish to Pay in EMI ? Pay in 2 Installments for 2 Months of Rs. 8999, Click Here

This is a sacred invitation to you my dear sister to shift from self-doubt and fear to living your dreams with energy, fierce love and unstoppable vision. This life-changing program is only for you if you are ready to ……

Are you ready to stop feeling anxiety, stagnation, overwhelm and unworthiness in your life and to break FREE from this cycle of pain?
Are truly ready to “feel more lit up” than ever before? In Just 90 days???

Then, I invite you to come on a journey of “healing” with me.
Dive deeper into this sacred work and empower yourself with Shakti and set your inner fire alight – at the speed of light. This involves 1:1 time with me (as part of the pay-in-full bonus package).

You will be blown away by the rate at which you will elevate and transform your life, gaining fierce momentum in every area of your life, nurturing a deep self-love and owing your sacred power. This is only the beginning of what YOU CAN BE!


  1.  You will trust and love yourself more
  2. You will be centered, grounded and able to handle stress and release it with the tools I have given you
  3. You will emerge super confident and self – assured in your career and personal life
  4. Old negative past programming will be gone
  5. You will have the confidence to speak up and ask for what you want
  6. You will own your sensuality respectfully and re – ignite passion and desire into your love life
  7. You will form a deep connection with the goddess within you and take your own guidance and much more

Your Investment:

$397 USD with $3,000 USD pay-in-full bonuses


17,999 INR(with GST) with Bonus package

Payment Plan
2 x monthly payments
Month 1 – $119
Month 2 – $119

2 X monthly payments
Month 1 – Rs. 8999/-
Month 2 – Rs. 8999/-

***Please note, there are no pay-in-full bonuses with the payment plan.


  1. 4 x 90 minute group sessions in the FB group each month, in which we will work with the 12 main blocks I’ve identified for this course over 3 months starting with negative past programming from childhood, self-worthiness issues, building self-trust, adrenal fatigue, low sensuality and developing a deep Spiritual connection with you
  2. Weekly activations/challenges posted in the private Facebook group to build momentum and ensure accountability
  3. Epic daily support in the private Facebook group
  4. 1 guided meditations per week to help you unblock limiting beliefs
  5. 1 Meridian tapping routines per week to step into action by changing subconscious patterning
  6. 1 Kundalini Yoga kriyas (30/40 Min) per week to activate and improve “each body system”, “change and improve your brain chemistry” and set your “soul on fire with a deeper spiritual connection to the divine and the universe” and “increase your metabolism with a Kundalini “Aerobic and strength” workout
  7. CBT – Cognitive behavioral strategy with weekly Action plans with an accountability partner from the Shakti sisters group, targeting all areas of your life to “move you” towards your Sacred Life on Purpose and with Passion”

Wish to Pay in EMI ? Pay in 2 Installments for 2 Months of Rs. 8999, Click Here


  1. 2 x 90 minute deep dive private sessions every month with Avril to create a powerful roadmap to catapult you forward. Valued $1,500USD. In these sessions, Avril will work with you using all 4 protocols in her TM method QundaliniPlus, catering to your “specific blocks” to erase them subconsciously and then “install” empowering beliefs that serve you to start living your best life
  2. 2 Curated energy therapy modalities per month with “your name” and your specific “Blocks” which infuses the energy therapy with more power, which will detoxify old toxic dense energy in the energy centers of your body and uninstall old subconscious programming and energize your energy centers with new self-aligning programs to live with purpose and passion and new vitality and confidence you only dreamed of. Valued at $750USD
  3. 2 Curated meditations with “your name” and “addressing your specific Block” every month focusing on building your inner grace and strength and aligning with the “shakti” within you focusing on “what you specifically want to manifest in your life”. Valued at $750USD

YOU are the star of your life. It is my intention that “you receive” MORE from this course than “you give” me monetarily. And to show you I mean it, if after 45 days*** you are not seeing the results you hoped for ….

I will work with you 1 on 1 for 90 min per day for 3 days within that month and this is valued at 2999USD and a monthly check in for 30 min per month for 2 months after the initial 3 days TO KEEP YOU ON TRACK and CATCH YOU IF YOU FALL.


YOU CAN CHOOSE TO GET A FULL REFUND, after 45 days no questions asked.

  • Why 45 days? Because after working with 100s of clients, I know that it takes 45 days to reset the subconscious mind, balance the 10 bodies and have an intense Spiritual experience or an awakening
  • And when these 3 elements come together, then you are FREE from the shackles that have bound you in the past and the divine shakti within you is unleashed and YOU will emerge as A GODDESS. The embodiment of all that is sacred, strong, aligned and purposeful in your life for the highest good of you and all concerned

Wish to Pay in EMI ? Pay in 2 Installments for 2 Months of Rs. 8999, Click Here

I am your sister on this Journey
Rising united with SHAKTI