2020 has been a very tough year for everyone, when the lockdown was announced, the companies shut down, all the small and big businesses have gone through this. The atmosphere filled with tension, fears, and insecurities. Yoga is only a thing that can relax your body and soul. So during March, we have launched yoga courses, mindfulness training, and online life coaching for our clients.

A little bit AVIRALQ’s Customized mindfulness training

Every small activity and individual shift over the digital platform so we are. During this tough time, everyone is locked in their houses and can’t go anywhere. We came online with mindfulness training to teach our clients yoga asana, chakra, etc. 

Mindfulness is a state to feel and enjoy the current moment by forgetting all the negative thoughts, and leaving all judgemental and imaginations behind that is stopping you to be yourself. Breathing practices, hand movements are part of mindfulness or meditation. It is a practice to compose and calm your soul. AVIRALQ’s have conducted a few sessions on this and also uploaded the video related to mindfulness so people can practice them at home.

Many times when we got stuck in a moment or situation, mindfulness is a practice that helps us to rethink the thing from a new perspective with the composition of mental, emotional, and physical energy. It helps the mind to bring a better outcome of the fact.

What things are enveloped in customized mindfulness training?

In the customized mindfulness online tutorial, you learn to explore things with a positive attitude. You should be attentive every moment and adapt to the flow with ease and patient.

You just have to feel and understand yourself, your senses, your emotions. If you will add meditation to your routine this will make your mind stronger. You can better focus on your goals and will be able to handle tough situations. 

To practice mindfulness, you don’t need any unnecessary stuff. Locate a peaceful place where you can sit. Form a straight comfortable posture on the floor.  Keep your palm on your leg in a comfortable manner. 

The second thing is you don’t need to shut off your mind but you have to be composed and silent to the current moment, current energy. Close your eyes. Be calm, start breathing slowly in and out of practice. Do this practice a few times and let your mind free the thoughts. 

You don’t need to be judgemental toward the situation or moment there should not be true or false opinions. Carry a thought that is troubling you and just remove it by collecting the positive energy. Don’t judge yourself because of the moments and situations just dive into the situation to explore the different aspects of the situation.

At the end

you just have to open your eyes, experience your soul with respect to the current atmosphere. This online mindfulness training will change your perspective in a positive way and you will feel peaceful and become focused.

These few sessions can change your life and change the vision toward the situation. It will resolve anxiety and panic attacks. It will resolve overthinking and unnecessary judgments.