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I am Avril Q, I’m from Incredible India and I am the creator of The QundaliniPlus method and I am here to show you that you can turn things around because you have great strength within you – Shakti, the epitome of female power and strength.

3 Days….3 Follow along 60 min Videos….2 additional free Video and PDF downloadable gifts!

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    ...This Thing Really Works For Me!

    Before I met Avril, I was exposed to a variety of self improvement and spiritual techniques. Yet I was unable to figure out what’s right for me and how to approach my life. It was after I decided to take sessions with Avril I started getting directions in every aspect of my life. She guided me genuinely with her invaluable knowledge she has gathered over the years. I like her apt, straight and gentle approach to me.

    PriyaShree – Stock Market Analyst,
    Age 42

    …You Won’t Believe Til You experience It!

    Having hit some restlessness and bad health, I reached out to Avril Q Kundalini yoga session at WeWork. After the yoga session, there was a free consultation session which led me to sign up for her 6 sessions and 3 month journey into my life. We had 2 face to face sessions and the rest were on Skype, no less effective. Under her guidance we spoke in detail about childhood, school, family and mre and other energy blocks that were holding me down for a very long time. I was able to open up and speak my heart out to her which led to amazing insights and quick breakthroughs. Her technique EFT and writing notes helped me to emotionally connect with myself in a unique way. I opened up life as a flower and felt sustainable positivity. She shared methods that are new and effective and can be used anywhere in the busy world/ A sense of gratitude and love came back with a vigor that made me move forward with confidence and set goals. Thank you Avril.

    Tanya – Real estate Professional.
    Age 35

    …It’s amazing! I’m So Thankful!

    Kundalini Yoga – it was a blissful session. Loved the detailed explanation of the Chakras and energies. The workshop was informative and much needed for an hour for me. Feels energetic. Looking forward to more.

    Naveen Reddy – IT senior team leader,
    age 35.

    ABOUT Avril Q:

    When you say the name Avril Q most people associate her with a “powerhouse voice” and a “supreme entertainer” on stage. Avril Q had an eclectic career in Music, showbiz and a small stint in Bollywood. Having performed in various countries to audiences as big as 25,000/-, she is no stranger to the limelight. However a 15 years ago, things began to dramatically shift uneasily in her life as she felt an emptiness, a loneliness, she felt like a misfit. She felt the lack of synchronicity with the world of Showbiz.

    She always sought solace in “ancient wisdom” texts and “the Science of the Mind” and being a psychology student, these new ideas really appealed to her and what initially seemed like an “escape” to distract herself from this facade of empty glory, began to gradually ground her and she says “I found myself and my purpose”..

    This led her on an inward journey of “Self-discovery and introspection”. While still performing, auditioning and traveling for her career, she began studying and certifying in the Energy sciences like “Pranic healing” in 2006 and then “EFT” in 2016 just to name a few.

    When her father was ailing with cancer, she embraced Buddhism in 2009 and has since then taken refuge in the Holy Dharma in 2012. Having His Holiness as one of her main Gurus.

    She also studied the LAW OF ATTRACTION under the most famous proponent of LOA – Bob Proctor in 2017. She has also studied and certified in other methods like Counseling and is an Empath.

    “A family crisis” forced her to move to Bangalore. India to be with her mother in 2017 and Bob Proctor encouraged her to become a “Transformation coach”. She studied further the “meridians” and the “subconscious mind” and “karmic imprints on the mind”.

    Having learnt BKS Iyengar yoga in 2008 she began practicing daily and then she moved onto “Kundalini yoga” in 2016 and noticed a dramatic improvement in her overall wellbeing.

    She then proceeded to open her company Avrils’ Qs’ and over the last 3 years her TM system of QundaliniPlus yoga was born! combining 4 scientific and energy protocols. She has an office where she regularly takes QundaliniPlus yoga workshops on weekends and consults and treats private therapy clients there too. QundaliniPlus is fast gaining popularity among her students and in the Yoga and energy healing fraternity.

    Avrils’ mission is to help people ALIGN.ATTRACT.ACHIEVE their true purpose, passion and the best from this precious human life!