Re-engineering Lives


Client: 33 year old married woman with 2 young kids

The lady in this case had a love marriage was having constant disagreements with her husband after the birth of their first child, a boy. She constantly held him responsible for their uncordial relations. Their communication had broken down and their intimacy was as good as zero by the time she approached me (Avril) for help. In the interim, she also had a daughter who was 5 years younger than her son.

She had been to a lot of “healers” and “counsellors” prior to meeting me. However, the therapy would work for a period of time and then she would revert back to feeling sad and angry. She would take out her frustration on her husband and kids, especially her son.

She came to me through the recommendation of another female client of mine who had experienced a very successful therapy session with me. When I met her during the consultation, I made a complete and detailed case file as I do with every client. Once I identified her “core issue”, we discussed the same. She agreed with me on many points but seemed surprised with some of the other points I brought up. However, she kept a very open mind and we began 6 sessions of therapy. Within 2 sessions, she reported to me that she felt 40% better, her anger and frustration had decreased significantly. By the 3rd session, her relationship with her husband and son had begun to heal.

I used a combination of 3 to 4 protocols/techniques with her. She told me in her 6th and final session that she never dreamed she would have such a “miraculous” healing as she had almost given up on herself.



Client: 43 year old married man

The gentleman in this case was married via a proposal that came to his parents – so it was an arranged marriage. His wife and he had a daughter within a year of marriage. However, post the birth of their daughter she refused to be intimate with him.

The gentleman was very disturbed and had put up with this situation for almost 2 years. He had no intentions of ending his marriage as he loved his wife and wanted them to connect intimately once again.

When he came in for a consultation after filling up a form on my website, we had a very open and frank discussion. He decided to take up the Tantra therapy package for himself initially and then for his wife too.

Within the first session, he began to see himself in a different light. He opened up his being more and as well as his sexual energy in the correct way. After 3 sessions he told me his wife’ s behavior towards him had softened, though she was still reluctant to be intimate with him. But her communication with him had improved a lot.

By the end of his therapy sessions they were sharing a marital bed again after 2 years and are enjoying a happy and fulfilling relationship. They intend to start “Couples Therapy” with me in May 2019.





Client: 28 year old female

The lady in this case came to me after her friend who attended one of my Kundalini trilogy workshops in December 2018 referred her to me. When I met her she was even hesitant to speak to me. I had to sit her down and be gentle with her as she was in an extremely vulnerable and fragile state. She came in for a subsequent consultation 2 weeks later as she had a few bad experiences with psychiatrists and therapists in Bangalore and Hyderabad and she did not trust anyone.

After identifying her “core Issue”, she agreed to start Private Therapy. She began making slow progress initially as there was a lot of mistrust, fear and anxiety within her. This kept her stuck and she was finding it difficult to progress. But after a “Cellular Session”, I released a lot of childhood traumas and issues that she had no conscious awareness about.

She took longer than usual to finish 6 sessions as she had a lot of phobias and insecurities. However, the good news is that she has opened her own online business and is more confident than ever after shedding off all of her excess emotional baggage and phobias.