Hello beautiful Lady, Athma Namaste. And welcome to one of the most comprehensive Online Women's coaching program created by a woman for her sister hood. This is a program I have curated after years of studying, working with women in groups, working one on on with women all over the globe and drawing strongly from my own experiences. I have always been candid about my journey and the reason I have done this and still do it because I want you to know that I have been in some of your shoes and if i havn't been in your shoes, I have worked with women who have been where you are. And so I understand "you" and I am interested in you and keen to go on this journey with you. And your Journey starts here Month 1 - Shakti - The Divine Unfolding This month is all about Finding YOU…Starting to build a relationship with yourself. We explore areas that 99% of women have trouble with… Negative past programming from childhood Self acceptance. Self-worthiness. and Self-trust