“I believe in creating your own reality, feeding your mind good stuff, and doing what excites you.”

– Ruben

Everyone wants to be successful and excel in life. No one wants to be average. The basic rule of thumb here is that if you want to be a success you have to put in the work. There are no free passes in life.

And Im sure you too want to be successful and you are willing to put in the work. But you have it a challenge to do on a daily basis and you feel de motivated after some time. and because you fail to be consistent, you then beat up on yourself about the fact that you are not consistent and this spirals into a loop of shame and anger and self resentment and you end up digging a hole deeper than when you first started.

This is where I come in. I am trained to deal with this kind of scenario and I can help you contain the issue with
“Damage control”
Helping you set “healthy Success goals”
Helping you set “Realistic goals”
“Monitoring your progress” on a weekly / monthly basis
“Masterminding” with you on “how” to make positive change in your life
Teaching you through a variety of techniques to up your L3 Quotient – which is the mind body spirit connect and

Relax your mind with online mindfulness training with Avril Q.

When you sign up with me either in a seminar or a 1 to 1 class I tailor make a program for you to “enhance” you life on all fronts.

You can do this Even ONLINE…My Program on AVRILs Qs is “an online life coach training” program, so I work with clients from the comfort of their home teaching them through audio and video, and coaching them to their full potential because you deserve this and the time to do this is NOW!!

So I cut out all the extra wasted time of traveling, traffic, schedules, motivation to get up and go!!

1.What you get instead is Undivided focus and attention
2.Time oriented goal management
3.100% Satisfaction.
4.Custom made course for you.
5.A time investment of old 30 mins to an hour a day!

Online Life Coach training is relatively new in India but all my training that I have don’t has been online and Now I am ready to pass that on to you.
So are you ready to “live life large”?

My Mantra – I’mPossible!!
Because you are!!

Lets do this together!!!