We all have good days and bad.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eliminate most of the bad days from your life? You have the ability to make good days the norm. What constitutes a good day is subjective and debatable.

Maybe each day you’re alive could be considered a good day?! It’s up to you. What has to happen for you to label a day as “good”?

Eliminate bad days with a few strategies:

1. “Refuse” to have a bad day. There are many opportunities to have a bad day. You might be running late or your car decides to break down. Someone might speak unkindly to you or you spill mustard on your pants. begin your day with GRATITUDE…I know you have heard everybody saying “Gratitude” is the Key to all the good flowing into your life.

AND IT IS….If it wasn’t I would tell you thats Hogwash!

* Having a bad day can be a lot like eating a piece of cake you know you should ignore. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to bite.

But when you think of even ONE THING you are “grateful for”, you can immediately change your state of mind. * Avoid letting a few minor mishaps ruin your day. Relax your mind with online mindfulness training with Avril Q.

Do you recall the adage – MIND OVER MATTER….It is literally that…how you choose to interpret a situation can “make all the difference” to any situation or person in your day.

2. “Choose” to be happy, or at least content. In spite of whatever is going wrong, choose to be happy. If you can’t find any happiness, at least be content.

“Happiness is a choice. It is a state of mind.” You can choose to have a good day or a bad day. Release your expectations and try to see what’s good in each situation.

3. Spend time with someone you love. Few activities can bring your perspective back to reality more effectively than spending time with a loved one. The stress, worry, and anxiety seem to melt away. Or even a Phone call to that person can make all the difference.

4. Be on time. Being late creates stress. The stress begins once you realize you’re going to be late. It rarely ends until the day is over. If you’re late for one activity, you can be late for everything afterwards, too. Give yourself plenty of time to keep your schedule intact.

5. Have a “morning ritual”. If your morning starts well, you’ll find the rest of your day goes well. A morning ritual “just for you” is an effective way to get the day off to a positive start. Take 30 minutes for some “ME” TIME. Do something you love whether it is meditation, journaling,a walk, playing with your pet, watching the sunrise, anything that gets you in a “happy and blissful state” will set the tone for the rest of the day.

* An effective routine can include what time you wake up, a review of your to-do list, wearing the clothes you laid out the night before, affirmations, exercise, and anything else you enjoy in the morning. * Build your routine slowly and ensure it enhances your day.

6. Less is more. Having too much to do creates many challenges that get in the way of having a good day. Reduce your schedule to the most important 3-5 tasks. Stick to the important and urgent tasks. Reschedule the rest.

7. Complete your most important task. There are few things more frustrating than a stressful day that accomplishes little. Give yourself the gift of knowing that you completed at least one important task. That’s more than most can claim. Complete it as early in the day as possible and give yourself time to accomplish even more.

8. Have Gratitude. When life is wearing you down, remember all the great things in your life. Give yourself a few minutes to list all the positive people and circumstances in your life. Are you healthy? Do you have friends and family? Your life is probably much better than you think! * Consider listing those things that fill you with gratitude as part of your morning routine.

Your attitude will be primed to have a good day.

Having a good day is relative. The worst day for a middle-class American might be a great day for a child in a third-world country.

Only you can assign a quality label to your day.

Join today our online life coach for mindfulness with Avril Q.

Make the “conscious decision” to have a great day.