Mindfulness – And how it can help you

Why Google, NIKE, VIRGIN and other billion $ companies are incorporating “The science of “Mindfulness” in their HR programs!!

Introduction to the concept of MINDFULNESS Training – A layman’s perspective.

Mindfulness is paying attention to what is, without being judgmental of it, without embellishing it, without reacting to it, just paying attention to what is. In vipassana or insight meditation, the reason we pay attention to what is, is so we can figure out how to be happier; because if we don’t pay attention to what is, the habits of mind that make us suffer can take over; and those habits are very deeply ingrained. So, it requires training the mind to really pay attention to see: how do we make ourselves suffer; how do we make ourselves stop suffering and how do we make ourselves happier?

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    After a Webinar with Avril Q, my kids and I have started doing Mindfulness training daily practices for the last 20 days and our communication, level of happiness, productivity have all improved. My kids’ concentration on their studies and their retention of information has improved too. I am less stressed with WFH and my husband plans to join this course too. Please don’t miss this opportunity to work with Avril Q.

    Seema Malhotra – Team Leader ( International Corporate),
    Age 36

    After the 1st 2 minute meditation of the course, I felt more calm and I was able to clear some anxious thoughts from my mind. I want to practice this daily.

    Aman – NGO for water preservation,
    Age 25

    I thought this would be bakwaas (waste of time), but my company made me join the class so I joined. But I am surprised how my mind changed and how I feel lighter after class with Avril. She gave many good tips to start daily practice and now I am feeling motivated to do it everyday.

    (Anonymity requested)

    I am so glad my company (DELL) signed up for the 1 month program with Avrils’ Qs’ because I am seeing an overall benefit in my mental and physical health, my relationship with my clients, colleagues and even my family has improved. Avril teaches in an easy to follow style and it is very easy to practice for just a few minutes daily.

    (Anonymity requested)

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    Mindfulness is a state where you sit in a comfortable situation, perform breathing exercises, fully indulge at the moment, and embrace the aspects without making any perception. Mindfulness training is an advanced form of meditation where your soul, body, and mind get relaxed. It removes the negativity and makes the way for positive vibes around you. It encourages positive thoughts, positive energy, and shifts you to a composed and calm state. Daily practice or Online mindfulness training sessions overcome the anxiety issues, panic attacks, overthinking, improves lungs and heart health. Join AvrilQ’s online mindfulness training.