Welcome to the world of Positivity!!

We all are searching for a place where we can stay peacefully and understand how to rebuild your life more. Well, it’s not as difficult as you think it’s possible in AvrilQ’s yoga courses online program. Many people have connected with us and joined the sessions of different meditation classes and kundalini yoga in Bangalore.

We have organized many workshops for our female guests that are very effective to transport the finite to the infinite potential of their lives with the following FIP program.

Due to the hustle-bustle of our daily life, we lose the true meaning of life. We are just running rather than enjoying it. So, here our primary focus is on your inner strength development. For our female sisters, we have created a wonderful spiritual environment program known as Qundaliniplus, we have included Yoga and meditation lessons for the development.

We ladies work for our family the entire day and don’t see what is good for us and what’s not that put on our health on the stack. We also lose our souls, vision, and thinking. We work to make our loved ones happy and comfortable but vanish our desires. Gradually, all these things impact our thinking ability. We just lose the direction of our life. Where should we take our next step?

So, it’s time to take out a little time for self-development. When you will be healthier then you can better take care of your loved ones in a positive manner. 

Why should you join us in kundalini yoga classes online?

We are available on both mediums online and offline. If you belong to our city join our offline workshops for a trial of the kundalini yoga course or if you have any hurdle you can connect with us on the online platform and follow our fitness spiritual session videos. 

We work on your mental and physical state healing process and provide guidance and knowledge by our professional staff. 

To make yourself comfortable with our meditation and the spiritual environment we also conduct a few free sessions and then you can subscribe to our monthly sessions. If you want to see positive changes in your life and want to get back to a healthy routine you should continue it for 3 months.

We first have a communication with you about your holding points and obstacles to knowing what is controlling you and how we can help you…??

We have created a list of techniques that turn-out you into a confident and efficient person. You get your clear mindset. These things transform you into a positive spirit and spiritual personality.

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If not then join us ask your friends and colleagues to join us for the development of their immune system and concentration. You can get an insight into our meditation Mindfulness Training sessions here and become our happy spiritual client!!