We are all afraid of something or someone..

What are you scared of? What makes you afraid?
Do you always have a “base set point” of a low grade fear that impairs one area of your life or many areas of your life? And did you know that we are all born with 2 kinds of primal fear? These 2 fears are the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.
All other fears are “learnt” by us, we are conditioned from the time we are born and we learn by repetition from our caregivers and so we learn and absorb their fears too or We absorb fear from our experiences.
As a trained therapist, Mindset & Mindfulness coach, i have a wealth of experience with fear, drawing from my therapy clients, from my training with my own mentors and my own fears and complexes.
In this book 5 of my private coaching clients share their stories with you. And I share my top 2 fears with you. Moreover, this book is going to reveal to you how you can make friends with fear, it will help you to identify your fears by analyzing the different aspects of fear, what your triggers are, and how you can leverage it in your favor.

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