What is QundaliniPlus ?

QundaliniPlus is a system that combines 4 different protocols. It is the brainchild of Avril Q, Energy alignment and Life transformation coach and Kundalini Yoga teacher.

QundaliniPlus is a combination of

  1. Kundalini Kriyas going back to the Upanishads. These are sequences of Asanas which work on all 10 bodies, both Subtle bodies and gross bodies to align a person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  2. Energy protocols like Chakra cleansing and energizing through mantras, mudras and pranayama. AND Meridian tapping which detoxifies the meridians from toxic energy build up which could cause physical ailments, emotional imbalances, hormonal imbalances, mental instability, stress etc just to name a few. BOTH Chakra and meridian balancing are VITAL for overall psychosomatic health.
  3. Kundalini Yoga traditional meditations working with the mind and soul to align the heart and mind AND Tibetan mediations both analytical and Object focussed meditations. These are extremely powerful mediations to break negative patterns, habits, addictions and negative programing.
  4. As a Life transformation coach Avril combines all of these into actual “cognitive strategies” that she shows people HOW to implement in daily life through a 40 day process, or more if needed.
  5. The Q+ system is a very laser focussed and unique system and each 90 min class has all these 4 components and is a TOTAL physical, mental, emotional and spiritual workout!

How Is QundaliniPlus going to benefit me? What is the USP of QundaliniPlus method?

QundaliniPlus has its roots in the “Indian science” of Kundalini Yoga which is the Yoga of “Awareness” and being aware of your mental, emotional, physical and psychological states is “imperative” for growth in any area of life. The benefits of KY fill volumes, However in a nutshell the end result of having a regular KY practice is that you will be in harmony with your physical, mental, emotions and your psychological being making you a balanced, happy, fulfilled and prosperous human being.

Adding to this, we have the different Kundalini Yoga and Tibetan Yoga meditations which promote focus, calm, and balance to stabilize your state of mind, your ability to interact and respond correctly in this world and even manifest your desires and goals.

Adding to this already powerful combination, we further focus on the Energy centres or “chakras” and the pathways to those centers are the subtle channels called “Naadis” which will be regularly cleansed and energized with modalities like “Pranic healing”, “cellular reprogramming” and “Emotional freedom technique”.

And finally we bring home all these protocols together and we use “open dialogue” and “Cognitive behavioral therapies” which use the higher faculties mentioned below that only we humans are blessed with which are:







……to radiate and manifest congruence, grace, happiness, abundance and connection to yourself and source. and isn’t this the harmony every person is seeking?

How do I measure My progress?

All “divine offerings” within the Qundaliniplus method, whether it is a deep dive course like all the “Shakti” courses for women, or the “Finite Infinite Potential” courses which are special curated courses in a mastermind format, or the “Take my hand” intimate personal personalized individual programs or the “Qundaliniplus” 90 minute sessions are all curated in a such a way as to take you from beginner to intermediate and then to advanced levels. However, you have to take responsibility of your own progress and communicate with the instructor or me and we can guide you where you are falling behind.

Do I have to practice daily?

Daily practice is optimal especially in the beginning, and since these courses are curated keeping in mind your busy schedule, you have access to them for unto 3 months and can even choose to extend the time period.

Do I have to practice it at a particular time?

When it comes to the Kundalini Yoga limb of this QundaliniPlus method, like with any yoga practice has optimum results and benefits when practiced early morning as the body is full of energy and the mind is less cluttered and there are less distractions and daily tensions and stressors, so anytime between 4 and 8am is ideal. In the evening after 5pm the body is naturally slowing down, (the circadian rhythm) so Yoga at this time will have a lesser benefit and results in general. The other 3 limbs of the QundaliniPlus method you can do in 10 -20 min sessions during the day.

Food restrictions

Not specifically unless we are ding a Kundalini detox. Let your body guide you as your energy in each cell will change and you may find you enjoy natural foods which come from Mother earth rather than a can or a box.

Non veg and alcohol

With regular practice a person effortlessly moves away from Non veg and alcohol because the subtle bodies and the energetic bodies become very sensitive to “prana” (energy) and also the person becomes more compassionate. The endocrine system gets positively stimulated and balanced because of the Kriyas we do to enhance endocrine function so a Kundalini yogi / yogini will naturally release more “feel Good” hormones and so yearning and attachment to alcohol and cigarettes diminishes drastically. A feeling of “harmony” and “calmness” starts to build within a practitioner. The practitioner starts to look “within” for what he/she needs and not to external distractions.

Do i have to be celibate to practice KY?

Celibacy is not required unless that is your intention in which case we again do a lot of “mental re programming” and “pranayama protocols” along with “specific Meditations” with “Kundalini Kriyas” to transmute the sexual fluid of the practitioner and tap into the Kundalini energy to transmute and sublimate it into higher divine energy in the upper 3 chakras and the 8th chakra in the auric field. Further more, you can transmute sexual shakti tin order to manifest any other goal and or desire without being celibate too. The QundaliniPlus method can be made your own through “customization” which I offer.

Can I practice after my Gym session

Yes you can. Make this practice your own. However, remember that moderation is the key.

Can i take a break?

It is absolutely OK to take a break whenever you require. Pace yourself and respect your own body mind and soul.

Can i do KY along with any other yogic practice?

Yes of course you can do KY with any Yogic practice. personally, I especially love combining a QundaliniPlus session with Surya Namaskars, warrior poses, Twists and balancing poses with KY to increase overall fitness.