“Shakti” – A 3 Month course to unleash the goddess within! in Easy Monthly Installments

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  • Last Update January 27, 2022


‘Shakti ‘ is a brand I created for women because women and men are different in terms of emotions, mental makeup and even physiologically.

In addition, Women carry children and give birth, have a heightened sense of intuition and have an innate reservoir of “Shakti” – inner strength.

Women wear many caps and are natural multitaskers and hence they also have different and varied issues unique to them.

So under this brand SHAKTI, i have curated a QUNDALINIPLUS special program that caters to “A WOMAN”, who is the epitome of SHAKTI- A divine being with inner divine strength, a goddess.”

This course walks a woman through the challenges she faces “as a woman”, so that she can OWN her innate power with divinity and unapologetically at the same time.

2. Shakti works on 12 areas in a woman’s life that she is either “empowered in or Not.

1. Negative past programming from childhood
2. Self-acceptance.
3. Self-worthiness.
4. Self-trust
5. Adrenal fatigue,
6. Divine Sensuality
7. Connection with partner/spouse
8. Deep Spiritual connection with Self
9. A woman’s Purpose
10. Self-Validation.

  1. Communication in her personal life and career.
    12. Imposter syndrome (feelings of inauthenticity and feeling like a fraud)A woman needs to invest about 30 min – 60 min a day to get the full benefit of this course. it is a personal choice, however, to make it easier for women, I have made it a membership program so a woman can do it on her own time. And there are LIVE classes with me once a week which are also recorded so she can watch it on replay too.


At the end of 90 days , the results are almost miraculous.

  1. You will be free from the shackles that have bound you in all areas of your life.
    2. You will be centred, grounded and able to handle stress and release it with the tools I have given you.
    3. You will emerge super confident and self – assured in your career and personal life.
    4. Old negative past programming will be gone.
    5. You will have the confidence to speak up and ask for what you want.
    6. You will own your sensuality respectfully and re – ignite passion and desire into your love life.
    7. You will form a deep connection with the goddess within you and allow her to be your guide and compass.
    8. You will hold your own as an entrepreneur and career woman working in the corporate and business world.

and much more as these results cause a ripple effect even influencing people around you to behave and interact with you much more positively!

So…..Get ready to RISE IN SHAKTI!


Topics for this course

63 Lessons

Shakti- Month 1 – Introduction to the Divine Unfolding

Caution Warning
Shakti Resources

Week 1: Negative Past Programming

Week 2: Self Acceptance

Week 3: Self Worth

Week 4: Self Trust

Shakti – Month 2 – Introduction to the Divine Metamorphosis?

Hello precious sister and welcome to Month 2 - The "Divine metamorphosis". This month is going to be a deep dive into Change. Internal change that requires commitment and determination. Change involves unsettling...from habits, patterns and old ways of thinking. Topics this month include: 1. Adrenal fatigue 2. Getting in touch with your sacred sensuality. 3. Finding and maintaining a connection in your romantic relationships. 4. Establishing and nurturing a deep spiritual connection with yourself. I wish you the resilience and courage you need to dive deep this month and make "that change" you need to....RISE IN SHAKTI!

Week 5: Adrenal Fatigue

Week 6: Sacred Sensuality

Week 7: Romantic Relationships

Week 8: Spiritual Self

Shakti – Month 3 – Introduction “Unleash the Goddess Within!”

Week 9: Career Challenges

Week 10: Life Purpose

Week 11: Effective Communication

Week 12: Imposter Syndrome

13,240.00 10,999.00 / month for 2 months