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A minister, Dr. Michael Foss, said, “Have
you ever noticed how the idea of commitment is easy, but the living into it is hard?”
Think about that—commitment is easy, but living into it is hard. He continued, “I think
that is because commitment is one of those realities that doesn’t take hold until it is
difficult. Commitment is deciding that the price is worth paying for the goal that will
be achieved.”
Well, you know, he is so right. We make commitments so easily but do we always keep them?

Just like that!— we make a
commitment. But then, living into it is hard.
Take the example of marriage – A couple makes vows to each other in front of their friends and family and with a holy man solemnizing it according to their faith. They make vows to honor and care for and love each other in good times and in bad, And they are ecstatic and certain of the same.

But when adversity really strikes in the form of an illness, loss of reputation, money, mis fortune etc, how many people stick to the commitment they made at the altar of their faith, witnessed by so many people? How many people understand what “commitment” truly means? especially these days in the age of Instant gratification and disposable relationships, How many people can make a commitment and stick to it? And are you one of those people?

Spend a few minutes thinking about your commitment. Making it is easy; living into it
is hard. But if you make it, keep it.

So, You know my mantra is I’MPossible!
So lets pledge to make 2018 the year of the possible…and to make whatever was impossible last year definitely possible this year.

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Sending out so much love to you so catch it and put it in your heart and shine bright!!!