The 30 Day Happy Warrior Challenge

The batch starts on 2nd May 2022, 7.30 am (Recordings available)

The 30 Day Happy Warrior Challenge

The batch starts on 2nd May 2022, 7.30 am (Recordings available)

Im ready to meditate


I  believe the meditation course had structure and there was a nice coverage of practical and theoretical concepts. Overall, two big plus were the acceptance of meditation as a genuine practice which can manifest desired results. It was well worth the investment and I believe Avril to be a genuine and capable teacher.

Ramya, (Entrepreneur) 34 years

Avril guides like a compass with her practical suggestions and methods, which helps to get clarity about life.

Shilpa, (IT prof) 26 years

The techniques taught by Avril are a very comprehensive and power packed way of attaining alignment and energetic balance between mind, body, and soul. Gratitude Avril.

Vicky, (kannada Film director) 28 Years

The anahata meditation is amazing, after the meds feel so much brightened up.. Feeling is very light , the sparkles that I received are very very beautiful .. never felt is so good.. I could receive  and feel the beautiful experience is only because of you. YOU ARE AN AMAZING BEAUTIFUL GUIDE TO ENLIGHTENMENT .. You guide me through the path abundantly .. I will share a very incident on Saturday I left for Gujarat and came back this morning and had the house staff problem (as usual what we experience in a Indian style lifestyle) I was about to call a person to send me a helper and within the spark of a moment my doorbell rings and one helper was brought home by a one known person. I Was so surprised and was just thankful for the affirmation which was sent to the universe just as a thought came so fast.. It’s with all your guidance Avril got this path of confidence.. Love you my darling avril .. always feel connected to you..

Sujatha , (Stock Market Analyst) 44 years


What is the structure of each Meditation session?

Grounding and Centering – 5min

Breaking down the concept (eg if it is a breath meditation or an emotion meditation or a thought meditation etc) for the day – 10 min

1 st Med exercise – 10 min

Sharing in the group – 5 min

2nd Med – after feedback and queries are addressed so this way your meditation improves ON THE SPOT – 15 min

Closing – 5 min



Yes, they are for the entire duration of the course.

You will be a part of the WhatsApp group where Avril Q will answer questions every day.

There are 3 LIVE meditations per week in this challenge. The days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday in a week. The other days SELF PRACTICE is important. Avril Q has conducted and attended many daily meditation sessions and as soon as the course is over, people stop practicing because they don’t know HOW to do it on their own.

That is why Avril Q is encouraging all her students to implement SELF PRACTICE 4 TIMES A WEEK In-between sessions to make MEDITATION a part of their daily life. Like bathing or brushing their teeth.

Yes, as long as you take the advice of your doctor. In fact, meditation is excellent for BP, Migraines, pain, hypertension, fibromyalgia, and psoriasis.

Very much dear friend. No religious chants or iconography or references are made. Anyone can do these meditations. All the mantras are simply “primordial universal sounds” and invocations to UNIVERSAL DIVINE ENERGIES, not to deities.

Avril Q will teach many meditation techniques for clarity, for love, for communication, for peace, for focus and much more
For calming down anger, stress, tension, irritability, and other emotional and mental issues.
By the end of 30 days, YOU WILL KNOW YOURSELF BETTER…


Disclaimer – Please consult your doctor to see if this practice is suitable for you to do. The creator of this content has no liability towards your health. Please take care of your health as that is solely your responsibility.