What is Tantra

Tantra is often mis Understood and Mis interpreted. It has been corrupted by people who want to use it as a tool for titillation and make tons of money from it. It has been used and abused by people who know little or nothing about it. It is so shrouded in mystery that even Indians in the sacred land of India think it is “taboo” and “Bad”.

Tantra originated more than 1500 years ago in India through 2 traditions. Hinduism – mainly Shiva and Shakti and Buddhism. Tantra has many sacred texts, many of which have not been translated except for the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra text and it is extremely difficult to understand the philosophy and this was done purposefully by the Sacred sages who wrote them because of the power of these practices and to prevent them from degeneration and corruption which ironically has happened. Tantra was only taught by a guru to his disciple orally and through a lineage.

Tantra is the path of “Compassion and Bliss”. It is the only way to transcend to higher consciousness throughs the vehicle of the body and sex is used as a beautiful tool of expression for this.

The course that i will teach is the following

  • 1. The difference between Tantric sex and Regular sex
  • 2. Connecting with your partner on a soul level
  • 3. identifying and working on sexual problems like
    • a. Climax for women
    • b. Full Body orgasms
    • c. Clearing out past traumas in chakras
    • d. Ejaculation issue for men
    • e. Porn Addiction
    • f. Healing other areas of your life through Kundalini meditations
    • g. Tantric meditations with Partner
    • h. Overall 12 Chakra tantra meditations
    • i. Body worship and respect
    • j. Solving inner conflict and past traumas

“I have trained in Tantra and regard this as my strongest path and this is my gift to all who come to Avril Q for help to train them in the correct practice of tantra and watch their lives blossom in all areas and to find sexual liberation as this sacred tradition teaches.”